if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

AHHHHHHH!!!! (Can you tell I’m a little frustrated?)

First and foremost, I (usually) don’t have anything against technology. I am completely guilty of constantly being plugged in; sometimes I swear my phone is an extra limb. Occasionally, though, having to do EVERYTHING on the computer is beyond frustrating.

What am I doing? Grad school applications. So, no pressure or anything, but they have to be PERFECT. I’ve heard horror stories about students who think their apps are all submitted and ready to be reviewed and the application is never received!! Luckily, most of my applications have been through a SINGLE portal system. I put all of my information in, pay a ton of money, and then they take care of sending everything out. There’s even a safety net and schools that know I’m intending to send an application to them e-mail me to make sure that I remembered to send it! In the end, all I have to look for is a confirmation e-mail that my application was received.


that HAS to be different! I didn’t mind when I submitted it as a paper copy. I LOVE KILLING TREES!! I would prefer to have the paper IN MY HANDS and deliver it to someone else’s. Then, there’s no technology “glitches”. If I mess up, IT’S ON ME! No big deal or anything, this is just my FUTURE we’re talking about. It’s not like the PAYCHECK that wasn’t deposited in to my account yesterday. That can be fixed; I knew to look for that. If this particular school doesn’t receive my application, they don’t know to be looking for it, and they probably DON’T EVEN CARE (except that they’ll be missing out on MONEY). 

I may sound like I’m an old fart, complaining about technology like this. But, in reality, I’m sitting here on my computer typing out my frustrations thanks to the same technology I’m complaining about. Irony at it’s finest.



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