Back to … Stress?

Some people get excited about Back to School time. By the end of the summer, most parents are pulling their hair out because their kids are driving them crazy. My house was a little different, but I assume growing up with your mom as a teacher makes many things different. Now I like school, don’t get me wrong. BUT there are a lot of things that come with school that I dislike. A LOT. And one of them is stress. I seem to be in the minority this week, as one of few who are stressed about school starting.

I started my 8AM lecture Monday morning with a discussion on “Syllabus Week.” My teacher had seen an advertisement by a local bar screaming about drink specials for “Syllabus Week.” He asked us what we expected from his course for this week, and when no one answered (It was 8:15 on Monday…) he told us to through out our ideas about “this so called Syllabus WEEK” because we were to start reading one of our books.

I’m not what you would consider part of the “In Crowd” on campus …. I don’t go out and drink multiple nights a week. Basically, I’m a nerd. And I’m okay with that. I am also nosy and a people watcher. And the last two days walking around campus people who are talking on their phones are only talking about one topic: Going Out. Who went out last night … who’s going out tonight … who’s going out with who … who’s borrowing who’s shoes/clothes to go out … AND IT’S TUESDAY. I’ve been hearing this for two days. So people were going out on Sunday night, Monday night, and I’ve heard plans being made for going out tonight (Tuesday).

A million questions go through my head regarding how they are able to do this (money? school work? liver failure?), but the one thing that I keep coming back to is stress. Are all of the people going out as stressed as I am? Is going out their way of coping with the stress they’re feeling?

Don’t get me wrong, I like to have fun. But I can’t imagine starting out the semester going to class hung over, and putting my body through the stress of going out every night for “Syllabus Week.” I’ll even be the first to admit that I’m not the best role model for dealing with my stress, but it is definitely something that I’m working on.

The other part that keeps nagging at me shows my inner nerd. I LIKE going to (most) classes. I am fortunate enough that my parents are helping me pay for school, and they’re paying good money for my butt to be in that chair when it’s supposed to be, and they expect me to be learning. How can you focus on anything if you’re hung over, or just plain exhausted from being out?

I don’t know who came up with this “Syllabus Week” bologna, but I have not had a single class let out early, and my homework is already piling up. It must just be a figment of some student’s imagination that spread like wild fire … kind of like when Brad Pitt was “spotted” on campus …