Middle of the Night Stress

Why? Why does it always seem to happen as soon as I lay down at night? My mind shifts in to overdrive and I start thinking about things that I can’t do a thing about at 1:50 in the morning! My body is exhausted. My brain is exhausted from class all day, that silly paper I had to write, studying … the list goes on. What I need at 1:50 in the morning is SLEEP, not a racing mind.

How can I get some SLEEP?

It seems as if I’ve tried everything. TV on. TV off. Music on. Music off. Counting sheep. Relaxing my muscles one at a time. Counting more sheep.

So tonight I reflect on the nights that I do sleep well. What’s different about those?

One thing that sticks out is that I have been working out the past few weeks, but not the past few days. I have felt as if I have been tied to my computer to work on this paper. That must change.

Another thing that sticks out is my diet. I’ve also been eating really well for a few weeks. The past few days, not so much. I’ve also noticed that my stomach doesn’t like that I have been a pig. At all.

This realization is embarrassing. I’ve brought this all on myself! I have no one to blame but me!

Goals for tomorrow: work out, eat right, and get some SLEEP!


What’s it like in YOUR world?

The life of a college student is one that can get pretty crazy. Between classes, work, friends, visits home, homework … the list goes on … a little stress manages to creep up. But what I realized pretty quickly in life is that stress isn’t just stress; it changes LOTS of other things in your life too. Relationships become strained, sleep becomes minimal, and overall, one just doesn’t feel GOOD. We have a right to feel good, though; we owe it to ourselves.

How do we do that though?

I’m not too sure, yet, but I’d like to have you join me on my path to becoming a GOOD feeling individual. 🙂